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Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
Letter to Nakaoki Nyudo - (Nam Myoho Renge Kyo)
Mukabaki Art Gallery
Human beings never fail to prosper when they make good causes.
Hajimeru koto ni shimashita.
Uchiawase-wo-hajimeraremasen. (in Nobeoka)
Ni Nen Ni Narimasu. (Nobeoka)
Nobeoka, Hayaku Hajimete!
Hajimeta Sou Desu Nobeoka
Nobeokanese 1
Nobeokanese 2
Nobeokanese 3
Nobeokanese 4
Nobeokanese 5
Nobeokanese 6
Nobeokanese 7
Nobeokanese 8
Nobeokanese 9
Nobeokanese 10
Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

The True Entity of Life
The One Essential Phrase
The Essence of the Juryo Chapter
The True Object of Worship
The Selection of the Time
The Problem to Be Pondered Night and Day
Reply to the Mother of Lord Ueno
The Bodies and Minds of Ordinary Beings
Teaching, Practice, and Proof
On Omens
On Persecutions Befalling the Buddha
The Votary of the Lotus Sutra Will Meet Persecution
Thus I Heard
The Izu Exile
The Origin of the Urabon
The Royal Palace
The Meaning of Faith
The Third Day of the New Year
Reply to the Followers
The Causal Law of Life
The Swords of Good and Evil
The Teaching for the Latter Day
The Unmatched Fortune of the Law
Easy Delivery of a Fortune Child
Letter to Konichi-bo
Letter to Misawa
An Outline of the Zokurui and Other Chapters
Consecrating an Image of Shakyamuni Buddha Made by Shijo Kingo
Curing Karmic Disease
Admonitions Against Slander
Bestowal of the Mandala of the Mystic Law
The Receipt of New Fiefs
The Unity of Husband and Wife
Letter to Ko-no-ama Gozen
Winter Always Turns to Spring
On Filial and Unfilial Conduct
A Father Takes Faith
A Warning against Begrudging One's Fief
The Mongol Envoys
Reply to Tokimitsu
Reply to Myoho Bikuni Gozen
Beneficial Medicine for All Ills
A Sage Perceives the Three Existences of Life
The Proof of the Lotus Sutra
Letter to Jakunichi-bo
Aspiration for the Buddha Land
Reply to Lord Shijo Kingo
The Universal Salty Taste
Good Fortune in This Life
The Wealthy Man Sudatta
Letter to Gijo-bo
New Year's Gosho
Persecution at Tatsunokuchi
Easy Delivery of a Fortune Child
Reply to Lord Matsuno's Wife
The Birth of Tsukimaro
Banishment to Sado
Great Evil and Great Good
Happiness In This World
Letter from Echi
Letter to Endo Saemon-no-jo
Letter to Priest Nichiro in Prison
On Flowers and Seeds
On Itai Doshin
Postscript to the Rissho Ankoku Ron
Reply to a Believer
Reply to Ko Nyudo
Reply to Lady Onichi-nyo
Reply to Lord Matsuno
Rissho Ankoku Ron
The Difficulty of Sustaining Faith
The Offering of a Summer Robe
The Property of Rice
The Wonderful Means of Surmounting Obstacles
Unseen Virtue and Visible Reward
Upholding Faith in the Gohonzon
The Drum at the Gate of Thunder


Hayaku Nobeoka

Ni Nen Ni Narimasu.
Ni Nen Ni Narimasu.

Never doubt in the slightest, but keep your faith and attain enlightenment in this lifetime.


Thus you are one of the very few whose action matches his will.


To mix other practices with this Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is a grave error.


Hajimeru Koto Ni Shimashita

Kawashimamachi Kawashima Machi
Nobeoka Miyazaki Totoro Kami Igata Nishishina

Yamatsuki Machi

Nobeoka Tomiyama Machi Tomiyamamachi
Tomiyama Machi

Susakimachi Nobeoka
Sakuragaoka Nobeoka
Kasugamachi Nobeoka


Nobeoka Makimachi
Maki Machi Nobeoka

Tsurugaoka Nobeoka
Atago Nobeoka
Shioyama Nobeoka

Kenbyouin Hospital
Atagoyama Nobeoka
Nobeoka Kenbyouin

Hyuga Miyazaki
Hyuga City

Sazanpia Nobeoka
Sazanpia Miyazaki Ken
Minami Nobeoka Sazanpia

Firtree Nobeoka
Midorigaoka Nobeoka
Idekita Cho Nobeoka


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Nam Myoho Renge Kyo
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